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Vando Oliveira, one of the main names of Brazilian music in Europe!

From Samba to MPB, the right mix of Brazilian energy and joy

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music around the world. Brazilian joy

Vando Oliveira traveled and travels throughout most of Europe and around the world.

Always bearing the Brazilian flag with the mission to convey our joy!







The Roda de Samba is a very common manifestation in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. The Roda de Samba are similar to jazz jam sessions.  Where is not require large financial detachments and usually gather a large number of people who sing and dance around a table where musicians play instruments and sing.

shows with band or trio and sólo

To be more flexible and integrated to your event, Vando Oliveira’s shows range from; concerts with the whole band, concerts in trio or just acoustic solo.

musical styles

Vando Oliveira has a very varied musical repertoire, going from north to south of Brazilian music. And he also sings Latin American and English songs.

For being of samba family and having as his strong point the samba carioca. Some people are surprised when they hear the different music styles that Vando Oliveira is able to sing and play. Bringing the show to the closest possible audience. Then, you can listen and dance Forró, Samba, Axé-music, Latin Hits, Hits in English, MPB, Bossa Nova and much more in Vando Oliveira’s show.

  • Roda de Samba – 90% Samba e Pagode
  • show em trio 80% MPB, pop rock, reggae, forró e pagode
  • show solo acústico 85% MPB, bossa nova, inglês

Follow the YouTube channel and participate, choose themes from videos cover, follow the news in video of the shows and also video-clips. Click on the image above or here: “CantorVandoOliveira”

own Sound and light system

We have our own sound system. With 6,000Watts capacity, we are ready to attend public of up to 500 people. Refer to the list of values ​​with sound and lighting equipment.




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